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Roll on May – 2016 Provisional Calendar availalble

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fnss trophies

The 25th series will start again in May when we should enjoy a bumper season of events.  

The provisional dates and venue have been loaded on the calendar.
2016 will see pre-entry via George Halls Cycle Centre - details to be confirmed.  Entry on the night will always be an option.  

Each 1 hour race entry will be £10. 

Team Relay                   £30.00 per team of four

Entry forms will be posted and online entry open once we have finalised the venues and promotors.


  1. JP says:

    Latest comments will now be linked to this sidebar and if you leave a comment with your email address (which always remains private) you can be notified of any replies or follow up comments

  2. Phone guy says:

    Works well from me phone

  3. 29inchrage says:

    The wordpres phone view has a white background though so some coloured test will not look so good. Red is ok but yellow is pants.

  4. JP says:

    FNSS gets a mention in mtb history on wikepedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_bike_racing

  5. JP says:

    Race dates have changed slightly please note. Bulwick race has moved to later in year

    • Neil² says:

      New pages look great!

      Can I check something here… I thought that it was going to be the best 6 results from 12. Now it has changed to best 7 results from 12… but there are only 11 points-scoring rounds listed. So, are we now down to best 7 out of 11?



  6. JP says:

    yes confusing as still waiting on Rugbys clarification of the event on Aug 12th. Not sure what final outcome was. Personally I’m Not sure one organiser should have 3 events if it isn’t a different format from just XC. Neil is away at the moment so hopefully it will be fully sorted in few weeks.
    Out to you guys, would you prefer 6 from 12 or 7. Is it right that a rider could win 6 rounds and another rider win the other 6 and the two people never even race each other (an exagerated case but it could happen)
    Some people only support the more Northern rounds and this is very possible.

  7. Neil² says:

    Thanks – I must admit that I would prefer best _6_ results. The reason is that being summer, many of us will be away for two weeks holiday, which will lose us three Fridays (racing the night before going on holiday is NOT a good idea, I have learned!!!). That only leaves 9 rounds maximum. If I reckon on one mechanical per season and one miss due to injury / illness then that’s a maximum of 7 races which is cutting it very fine.

    If you look at last year’s final league, there are a lot of riders only just making the minimum of six races, and a lot who have only made it to five and so not included in the final league. In 2009 I missed out on a league placing due to an injury after a crash meaning that I missed one extra race – I was there every other round possible. It is a massive de-motivator if you know that you are not going to be able to make it to enough rounds for a final placing.

    The example of the two riders who never race is fair enough but pretty unlikely.


  8. JP says:

    Fair points, especially the demotivation of not qualifying. I know alot of people who have been entering for years like to try and beat their previous years series position. And in these economic times with the price of fuel we dont won’t to force people to stretch themselves. I’ll have a word ;-)

  9. neilfromcats says:

    Jack Peterson and myself went around Weekley Woods tonight to ride a lot of the trails and tracks. We have produced a good 5km course. A bit of everything in it. I tghink it will be a great start to another great series

    • elhm says:

      Can anyone point me on google maps where exactly is the first race..?

      I am just waiting for final confirmation of the car park and entrance before posting. Details will be provided in the next couple of days. The area we are using is close to the A6003 / A43 roundabout on the north side of Kettering, if that helps for now!


    • neilfromcats says:

      Went for a ride around the course last night. Despite all the rain, it is holding up well. Just hope we see some sun soon though.

  10. neil² says:

    Hi all! Just wondering what course is being used on Friday? Is it the 2010 (down into the valley), or 2011 (flatter through the woods)…. or something else.



  11. JP says:

    Its the down into the valley course.

    • neilfromcats says:

      Although we will not be using Shotley Hill this year. The fields are full of sheep and there are just too many to either move or race through.
      The course is approx 4.5km round and fully ridable and almost bone dry, using the runway, livestock fields, the quarry, the old quarried area and a few other bits.

  12. Paul says:

    Can you tell me the start time of the race..many thanks

  13. stuart sinclair says:

    hi Neil
    will ib ok to come and take some photographs if so is there any good sections on the course

  14. Stuart says:

    Cheers neil hope to get some good shots there

  15. Martin Smith says:

    I couldn’t make it along to the handicap race but just wanted to say a massive thanks to Neil and everyone else who makes these races happen. Even by British standards it has been a horrific summer, and you guys have been presented with some big challenges (Cosford and Rockingham to name two!) but still managed to make most of these races happen.

    Thank you to everyone involved in planning. There was some fun racing out there as a result of your hard work. I will be back next year!


  16. neilfromcats says:

    With less than 5 weeks to go I have been busy preparing the Borough Hill course.
    As promised last year, I have cut a new track and you now have 2 excellent fast down hill sections this year.
    The wooded hillside has had a lot of local traffic over the winter that has made my work a lot easier as they have kept many of the tracks I cut last year, open.
    Within the next 48 hours there should be a short video posted on You Tube of the new sections

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