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FNSS venues – Private property

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We would like to remind you that most of the FNSS races are held on private property. We have lost venues before because the owners have said holding races there promotes riding on private tracks/land.

Riders have been caught riding the West Lodge course by the owner, they actually stated that they raced FNSS there and that we told them it was ok to ride! This of course is not the case, PLEASE do not ride on race courses that are on private land


  1. Neil says:

    Hi Guy’s,
    We have had a very similar thing with Bulwick. Not a rider or riders caught on the land but someone posting it up on the MBR forum that it was OK to ride out the back of Wakeley woods and around the FNSS course, including Shotley Hill. Luckily I found out who the rider was and asked them to alter the post.

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