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FNSS logo

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As all our old FNSS logos appear to have been drawn on the back of a beer mat, perhaps because they were way back. FNSS racer Pilch of CMS Digital  has kindly offered to give us a birthday make over. Its all just ideas at the moment but how about this one. Comments appreciated.

New logo from Pilch - any MTB based graphics needed he's the man.

Is this more picture than Logo.

Mark II


  1. Daniel Rutland says:


    I think the new look is great!

  2. Garry says:

    Looks good to me, cant wait for the summer.

  3. fnssmtb says:

    Does look a bit roadie… how about having it going up hill. I put a modified logo in the library. Also thinned the “tyres” so the Ss standout.

     modified logo


  4. lee2d2 says:

    Can I suggest 2 or 3 people at most sort out the logo. Design by committee is never good and you will never please everyone anyway.

  5. Nick Towers says:

    It looks great – very purposeful – the original version on the left looks top notch!

  6. Slowrider says:

    It would look good on a T shirt.

  7. Eddo says:

    I prefer the uphill version – Can we have some Tee Shirts Neil?

  8. Neil says:

    I have asked Rick to produce something for us.

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