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免费av         Changshu Wanlong Power Technology R & D Co.,Ltd., located in paradise - under Yushan Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone, is the "triangle" center, convenient transportation, from the 204 National Road, Sujiahang, only a stones throw along the high-speed, close to Shanghai, backed by the Yangtze River. Beautiful scenery, abundant labor, honest folk.

    The company is a professional production of high performance green crystal gel valve-regulated maintenance-free battery of the new enterprise. The main products of "Yushan", "well on the force" brand of solar energy storage batteries, wind energy storage batteries, vehicle power traction battery, traction battery powered tricycle, electric bicycle batteries, aerosols, batteries, and so dedicated. The company has advanced manufacturing equipment, perfect detection technology, especially with colloidal crystal manufacturing technology, production nano-molecular materials with Germany, with environmental protection, low temperature, long life, powerful features, the companys entire gel electrolyte unique in the industry. The company produced the batteries at home and abroad in the leading indicators.

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